Over £1000 raised for Cancer Research UK

A big thank you to everyone who came, helped, and sponsored us at our concert on June 8th. Julie Franklin’s friend Paula sent us this email which summed it up nicely:

‘I thought I was supporting fund raising yesterday, but, as well as that, I enjoyed a fabulous concert. I was so impressed. Every act was entertaining, special and as for yourselves, I was staggered at the professionalism, diversity and harmony. Part of the secret of your success is that you obviously enjoy it so much and likewise, so did we. For a couple like us who rarely do anything significant on a Sunday afternoon, it was a couple of hours well-spent and we can’t thank you enough. The fact that you do so much fund-raising makes us all feel grateful. A big thank you.

And on the subject, Laura is absolutely wonderful isn’t she – a star in themaking. One so young who brought me to tears with her second song, raised my spirits with her first.’

Accidentals fundraise for Cancer Rsesearch UK

Accidentals & Flat Broke at St Peters, Cancer Research UK fundraiser, 8th June ’14

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